hand_examWhy Choose Dr. Paige Roy and Alabama EMG?

  1. Full-time experienced physician electromyographer
  2. Fellowship trained in Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  3. Board certified by the American Board of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
  4. Board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
  5. All NCS and EMG Studies performed by Dr. Roy. No technologists
  6. Excellent clinical correlation
  7. Reports available within 24 hours
  8. Patient centered approach
  9. State of the art equipment

How to Choose a Qualified Electromyographer?

Electrodiagnostic testing can be an excellent diagnostic tool in the hands of a skilled physician. However, EMG (electromyography) and NCS (nerve conduction studies) require specialized training to be performed properly. The knowledge gained with this training allows for the development of a wide differential diagnosis and the expertise to narrow this with the appropriate testing. The American Association of Neuromuscular and Electrodiagnostic Medicine has a recommended policy regarding who is qualified to perform these electrodiagnostic studies. At the highest level, this training is obtained via a fellowship in electrodiagnostic medicine.


diplomaElectrodiagnostic studies are an extension of the history and physical exam and must be tailored to each patient depending upon the presenting symptoms and underlying disease process. Accurate electrodiagnostic study interpretation is highly dependent on an intimate understanding of the anatomy and pathophysiology of the human body. Additionally, detailed knowledge of the testing equipment and associated technical factors are critical to proper technique.


Live interpretation of the EMG/NCS in the office by the physician electromyographer allows for gathering of accurate data and appropriate clinical correlation. Be cautious of any facility that uses equipment that sends data offsite to be interpreted.


Unfortunately, substandard EMG/NCS testing can lead to incorrect diagnoses, delayed treatment, and potentially unnecessary surgery. However, when electrodiagnostic testing is performed with expertise, it is extremely helpful in establishing the location and severity of nerve and muscle problems and can assist with appropriate management of these issues.